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secure online member directoryCTRN’s online member directory utilizes SSL for secure communication & is stored on secure servers in the “cloud.” All member data is password protected, encrypted & safe.

online member directory demoExplore a sampling of the many powerful features our web based online member directory offers by trying our demonstration directory.

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CTRN offers a multi-functioning, custom designed online member directory, connecting & engaging your church members with one another. More than a one size fits all “cookie cutter template” or basic PDF online photo directory, CTRN’s Online Member Directory offers multiple member friendly functions and features, enabling you to highlight your mission, ministry and members while celebrating Christ, connections and community.

Custom designed for your church by our artists, your online church member photo directory will match the authentic look and feel of your church website.  From design & photos to details & font, your directory will reflect your church’s personal mission and unique community.  We provide you with a custom designed directory & custom hyperlink to your web based member directory. You add the link to your website and share it with your members.  

Custom Directory Features Allow Your Members To Securely:

Update Their Own Personal & Family Information

Connect & Engage With One Another

Share Their Email and Social Media Profile Information

Add Photos & Personally Selected Information–Anytime from Anywhere

Search for One Another Using Your Directory’s Enhanced Search Features

See & Search Church Groups, Leadership Teams, Sunday School Classes-their Members & Member Roles

Access the Full Directory via a Computer or Mobile Device

Worried About Security?  We’ve Got a Lock On It!  

Designed to protect member privacy, your online member directory is password protected and only available to members of your church, parish or organization. Backed up and stored on secure servers in the “cloud,” CTRN uses multiple security tools attempting to ensure your online member directory is inaccessible to prying eyes and unwanted viewers.

Your Members Are On The Go? No Problem! 

Using your member directory’s password protected mobile app, your members can enjoy the convenience of accessing member directory information, members, family, staff and groups, at home, work, or on the go!  Multiple “direct connect” features allow members to quickly connect with one another!

Want to Print Your Member Directory? Absolutely!

With a few simple clicks, your members can enjoy the benefits of an up-to-date printed picture directory-no hassle, no pressure, no problem!  Create a high resolution, high quality PDF to print all or part of your member directory. Design your own booklet, add extra pages, and print your own!  Want help with custom design and print options? Our graphic artists have got you covered!  Read More Here!

Worried About the Cost? Don’t Be!

Ask us about the free (yes-FREE) revenue generating opportunity included in CTRN’s Online Member Photo Directory!

Budgets are tight. We understand, and we care.  We care about you, your mission, and your community.  Our product was designed as a service for churches and organizations to utilize as they serve the world and work to make it a better place for all of us.

Yes, we charge a fee…a competitive fee for a premiere product, unlimited customer service, and graphic design & communication resources.  But, because we care about you, we added a classy revenue generating feature into the online member directory program, controlled by you to help you cover the cost of your online member directory!  

Moving Beyond The Old Testament Directory!  It’s Time, Don’t You Think?  

No more stressful, time consuming directory committee events.  Once your directory is launched, it’s live!

No more “One Size Fits All!”

No more “generating PDFs”

Much like many popular social media platforms and programs, CTRN’s Online Member Photo Directory provides multiple listing, publishing, viewing, and printing options! To see more features offered by our program please visit our Features Page or Start a Free Trial Today!

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