So, you like the idea of an online pictorial directory, but maybe you aren’t sure what kind of results and benefits you can expect from utilizing one. Let me help!   Here are 5 excellent results that come from using an online pictorial directory.

1.  It’s an effective staff tool!

Online pictorial directories help ministry staff be more effective by helping them connect faces with names and provide a clear listing of members and their contact information.   It also saves them time by helping them quickly identify and connect with members.    And, because members can update their own information, staff members don’t have to carry the burden of keeping all the information up-to-date by themselves, making it a win for everyone.

2.  It’s an effective communication tool!

An online pictorial directory that offers email capabilities along with a mobile app that offers one touch calling and texting makes it easier for members to identify and connect with each other.   Helping members directly connect with one another, without calling the church office, saves staff time and increases the chances your members will reach out to one another.  The more your members connect, the more community and collaboration grows within your church.

3.  It’s an effective inclusion tool!

Do you have new members joining your church?  Yes? That’s awesome!  Now you can include them in your online pictorial directory quickly and easily!  In just a few simple clicks, your new members can be added to the directory and made to feel right at home.

4.  It’s an effective money saving tool!

Don’t want to spend money printing a member directory? That’s perfectly ok! With our online member directory, you don’t have to print a thing….or you can print everything!  The choice is yours.  And, if you want to generate a little income to pay for your directory,  you can use our free Banner Ads feature!     You can save and maybe make a little money with an online pictorial directory.

5.  It’s an effective vitality tool!

It’s a sad truth that churches are seeing a decrease in membership and that millennials (ages 18-34)  are forgoing traditional church for non-traditional church experiences.  Church, for many of them, is an outdated, outmoded Sunday activity.  An online pictorial directory says, “We aren’t outdated or outmoded, and we love you.”   Put a picture of your members in the directory and show them you care….and show them you are a vital and growing congregation!

Are you ready for some outstanding results?  Yes?  Then you are ready to explore our directory!    Let’s get you started on a 30-day free trial!

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