Here are a few features and functions that many of our current customers find beneficial and fun!  We hope you agree!

My Profile Tab

When members log in with their username and password, they can click the “My Profile” tab to update information, change their password and upload pictures of themselves and their immediate family.

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Monitoring Changes

When members update their information, you have two ways to monitor changes:

You can receive an email for each change that has been made. This feature can be turned on and off as needed. To do this, select “Change Notice” under the Admin Tab, Admin List.

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Every change is recorded in System Logs. This information is always available and can be checked as often as you deem necessary.

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Family Editors

Editors can control the content of their family or group. A “yes” next to Editor means the member can update information for the family profile and for each member of their immediate family. Members have the power to change this. In the picture below, David and Carolyn can update family information, but Samantha can’t. As Editors, they can change Samantha’s editor status from Yes to No.

Family Listing Order

Order status allows you to control the display order of members within the family.

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Administrator Privileges

You can give others Administrator privileges by adding them to the Admin List (Admin Tab, Admin List).

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Invisible Members

You have the ability to make members Invisible. Only directory administrators can see invisible members. This is a convenient way to track inactive members and is a valuable outreach tool.

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Adding New Members

As new members join your church, you can add them individually.

1. Go to the Admin Tab

2 Click “Add Member/Family”  then select “Create Family” to add a new family.

3. Add the family information with last name first (Atkins, David & Carolyn).

Add Member to Family       CREATE FAMILY

Then click “Add Member to Family” to a create member profile for each member.


4. Assign a username and password, and click Update.

Assign Username:Password

4. Share the link to your directory, along with the username and password.


Passwords are encrypted, so you can’t see them. But you can reset passwords at any time. To do this, go to the member profile, type the new password in the password field, and click update.

Exporting User Information

You can Export User Information at any time (Admin Tab, Edit Organization Information). This spreadsheet lists all directory information and includes member username, information in custom fields and any groups members are associated with.

Print Features

You, or anyone in your church family, can print all or part of the directory at any time. Our program creates a .PDF file. You can print from your home or office printer, take it to your local printer or use our design and printing services.

Uploading Photos

Photo specifications: You can upload high quality images, up to 9mb in file size. The program will allow you to crop the image to fit into the directory. The Family and Group images are 350 x 263 pixels, and the Member images are 350 x 350 pixels.

Would you like a different “No Photo” image? You can change your default pictures (under Admin tab, Edit Organization Info.)

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Groups Feature

You can create an unlimited number of groups.

Members can “Email Group Members.” This feature is convenient for communicating within a group (sending minutes, scheduling meetings, etc.) and can also be used for reaching out to other groups, such as sending a prayer request to the prayer group.

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We are pleased to offer unlimited customer support. Please don’t hesitate to contact us when you have questions.