The average American congregation is 75 people*

90% of all American congregations have 350 people or less*

96% of all Canadian congregations have 350 people or less*

The majority of churches are small groups of believers who faithfully gather together, honoring Christ and enjoying their faith community.  They are lovely groups of people working to share Christ to the least, the lost and the lonely.  And they, more than anyone, know the unique demands and pressures small churches experience.

Time is limited.  Money is limited. Volunteers are limited.

The “to do” list is long.  The budget is tight.  People have a lot of opinions.

You need simplicity.  You need cost effective ministry tools.  You need help.

We understand, and we care!

Are you a small congregation looking for simplicity?  Are you looking for ways to embrace and utilize digital technology?  If so, let us help.

Our digital directory was created with you in mind.   Designed for ease of use, our directory will help your members connect with one another in new, faster, and easier ways.

There has never been a more important time in history for us to unite as faith fellowships to identify and preserve the moral and ethical values of our faith.

Don’t hesitate to accept our no obligation 30-day free trial.  We have excellent customer service people who will listen to your church’s individual needs and recommend the best way for you to set up a directory that meets your needs.  We ask for the opportunity to grow with you.

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