Social media is a powerful and beneficial tool, but like all tools, can be dangerous if not handled carefully.

As  parents, we must remain keenly aware of the pitfalls and dangers of social media in order to protect and support our children.  And children must learn how to responsibly and carefully navigate the internet, digital communication, and electronic education in order to protect themselves from harm.

One of the greatest dangers for kids are apps that allow children to secretly interact with other individuals, without record or trace of the interaction or the user on the other end of the “line.”

As we developed our online member directory program, we took special effort to ensure our directory database would be secure and would protect the privacy of church members and all the directory users, especially children.  We did so because we value your safety and security.

In the interest of keeping our children safe, I am sharing an article highlighting 8 apps that parents might want to learn more about as they continue teaching their children how to carefully use social media tools for their benefit and not their harm. “8 Apps Parents Should Watch For…”  

Wishing you all the best today! Katy