In my previous career, I served as the Adult Ministries Director at a large church in Southern Indiana.  One of my primary responsibilities was member care.  I was responsible for being aware of and tending to the needs, cares, and concerns of our members.  I spent a lot of time learning the names and faces of the individuals who attended our church, not an easy task, but the responsibility came naturally to me, as I am innately a “people person.”  I loved engaging and encouraging others, and quite honestly, I enjoyed making hospital visits when members needed a special touch during a difficult time.

Strange, isn’t it?  Hospital visits?  Not many people, pastors included, enjoy walking into a hospital room and talking with someone who is ill, sad, scared and sometimes near death.  Maybe it’s difficult for us to face our own human frailty, or maybe it’s just difficult to fit the visit into an already busy schedule, I don’t know.  All I know is that I was honored and humbled to make the visits, and I am still honored when I receive the occasional call to make a visit as a “stand in” for a pastor.

Recently, one of the members I visited most frequently was moved into hospice care.  Our lead pastor was out of town and the associate pastor was completely unfamiliar with the dying member.  He didn’t have a face for the name, and although he was very willing to help and serve as needed, he was at an extreme disadvantage to do so. I saw first hand the struggle a pastor experiences when an unfamiliar member of the congregation becomes ill or dies.  And in a large congregation, this is not an unlikely problem.

Because of this recent experience, I am more convinced than ever before that churches need to utilize and updated, digital member directory.  A member directory is an important ministry tool.  Without it, pastors and staff often “fly blind” and members who need them remain unrecognized, as do their needs.   Much like teams use rosters, churches need to use updated member directories.   An updated, online member directory allows you to quickly and easily view photos of your members, read their profile information and become familiar with them, outside of Sunday morning service.

Today, I encourage you to try our online member directory solution.

  • It’s designed to serve both church staff and church members.
  • It’s secure.
  • It is customized to match the look and feel of your church website.
  • It’s linked directly from your church website.
  • It is includes a free mobile app, allowing you to carry your directory in your purse or your pocket, everywhere you go.

We took the member directory beyond a printed booklet or a basic downloadable print file.  We designed a full database, one that is accessible with a username & password anywhere in the world.   We made a member directory that serves as a digital ministry tool, one that is imperative to your ministry and mission.

If you try our online member directory and decide you don’t like it, no problem.  The 30-day trial is free.  If after 30 days you decide to continue using it, awesome! Pricing includes monthly or annual payment options, giving you the freedom to pay as you like, and since we don’t ask you to sign a long-term contract, you may cancel at anytime.

Ready to get started? I think it’s time!   Click here to start your 30-day free trial!

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