We love receiving positive feedback about our online church member directory….and we love sharing that positive feedback with you!

Need a lifeline? There’s an app for that.
I have had the privilege of reconnecting with an inactive member of our church. She is a young lady who is dealing with lots of difficult life “stuff.” My church family wants so sincerely to reach out to her and support her. We strive to strike the delicate balance between embracing her yet not overwhelming her. I bet you know what I mean.

Recently I downloaded our CTRN mobile app on her iPhone. That sounds so simple, but it really almost took my breath away. I showed her where her family was listed (Message: “You are an important part of our church family.”) I explained how she could look someone up, touch their phone number and instantly call them (Message: “We are here for you.”) I showed her the groups section and the smiling faces of the committee members (Message: “We would love to have you join the craft group, gardening club, book club, etc.”) She now carries an entire support group in her pocket.

As an active member of my church, I value the logistical aspects of our Online Church Directory. It was eye opening to step back and appreciate it for the powerful outreach tool it is.