A powerful winter storm moved into the eastern part of the United States and there was much anticipation and preparation. The news reporters told us this could be the “biggest storm in recorded history.”  Frightening!

We heard reminders to “check on your loved ones.” “Prepare to be without power for several days.”  “Stay off the roads!” At these times, it’s important to have alternative ways to contact fellow church members. But, without the ability to travel, getting to the church office to access member information is quite impossible.   Wouldn’t it be nice to have your member information at your home and at your fingertips?

Online Church Directory.com offers a powerful mobile app that allows you to access your custom designed online church directory from your smart phone or tablet. This makes contacting your members easy……with just a couple of clicks!

To learn more about our online directory mobile app, click here: Mobile App

For our current east coast clients, we are thankful to know you can use your church directory mobile app to check on one during this winter storm. For those churches without an online church member directory, please let us help you get one started soon, so you can be prepared in the days ahead.

Some of the benefits of an online church directory include:

  • Secure, password protected & encrypted using SSL
  • Quick and easy connection with fellow members, from anywhere in any condition.
  • Online directories are always up-to-date
  • Using the mobile app, you can carry the directory everywhere you go
  • Members can edit their individual & family profiles using their desktop computer or mobile devices, anytime from anywhere
  • Social Media contact information can be included on member profiles
  • Families, Individuals, Church Groups and Staff can all be listed in the photo directory
  • Online directories can be linked directly to a church’s website
  • Online directories can be printed in-house or by a printing company
  • Online directories eliminate the need for mandatory photo sessions

If you would like to start a no obligation 30-day free trial, please click here:

30 Day Free Trial

All of us at Online Church Directory are keeping everyone on the East Coast in our thoughts and prayers. May the storm pass quickly and may spring come soon.